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COVID-19 Business Update

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Keeping yourself and your team educated and informed during times of uncertainty is important. More and more employees are testing positive for COVID and we are here to help answer important questions.

The Covid-19 pandemic casts a new light on people at work and society:

· Remote work will be a permanent feature for more organizations.

· Nurturing culture gets more challenging in dispersed workplaces

· Talent acquisition and retention remains critical

· Engaging a remote workforce is more important than ever.

· Accommodation and compliance

Do you want answers to essential questions employers are asking:

· If an employee calls in sick what can an employer ask regarding the nature of her/his illness?

· Can an employer take the body temperature of an employee?

· Can an employer tell an employee to stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms?

· Can an employer send an employee home involuntarily?

· Upon the employee’s return to work, can an employer require a doctor's certification?

· Can an employer require employees to take influenza vaccinations?

· During a pandemic, does an employer need to keep providing accommodations to an employee with a known disability?

The Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime. How we work, exercise, shop, learn, communicate, and of course, where we work, will be changed forever!

Contact us for more information today!

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